2018 Annual General Meeting



The Annual General meeting of the Tree-kangaroo and Mammal Group will be held on Thursday, Oct 4th 7pm at the Malanda Hotel. After the AGM, TKMG is proud to present a very special dual presentation. Local Malanda Primary student, Macey Hales will tell us about her 'Malanda Wildlife Watch project' which aims to raise awareness among primary school students of the wonderful wildlife to be found in their own backyards. Following Macey’s report on her project, you’ll get to hear about “Marsupials in the mist: status of spotted-tail quoll populations in the Wet Tropics” by Ecologist and Masters student, Jesse Rowland, from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Jesse will tell us about his research on the elusive spotted-tail quoll (Dasyurus maculatus gracilis) in the upland areas of the Wet Tropics. The 2018 recipient of the William T. Cooper Award will also be announced at the meeting.

Proxy Form

  • 2018 AGM Proxy Form2018 AGM Proxy Form
    To nominate a proxy for voting at the 2018 AGM, please complete and sign this form, returning it to the Secretary and another member of your choice.
    Two forms are on the page in case there are two members in your household with voting rights.