What can you do?

Simple actions you can take to protect animals and other mammals.

Reduce Threats

  • Pay attention while driving, especially on roads with limited visibility due to curves or hills.
  • Watch your speed and keep an eye out for wildlife (especially tree-kangaroos) while driving.
  • SLOW DOWN when driving on roads going through tree-kangaroo habitat.
  • Be a responsible pet owner and encourage everyone you know to do so. Keep dogs on leash and contained in a secure yard. Don't let your cat run free, keep it in the house so it won't be potentially spreading diseases (such as toxoplasmosis) to wildlife and won't be out killing birds and small animals.

Take Positive Actions

Plant Food trees

Species lists for planting trees that attract and are beneficial to wildlife.


TKMG supports research on tree kangaroos, koalas and other local mammals. We will advertise on our website opportunities that arise for volunteers to help with projects, including fieldwork with researchers and tree planting to enhance or extend habitat for wildlife


TKMG supports the work done by Tolga Bat Rescue & Research Inc. for fruit bats (flying foxes) and insectivorous or microbats.

Volunteers are always needed for help with feeding bats and cleaning cages. www.tolgabathospital.org


TKMG supports research being done to learn more about the population of koalas in far north QLD (north of Townsville). Volunteer opportunities exist for assistance with fieldwork and data entry and analysis. Contact: fnqkoalas@gmail.com for further information.


TKMG works in partnership with TREAT, Trees for the Evelyn & Atherton Tablelands Inc., to plant suitable feed trees for tree kangaroos and possums, enhancing and extending suitable habitat. www.TREAT.net.au