Report a Dead Possum

REQUEST for reports of green-ringtail possum deaths. Green-ringtail possums can't thermoregulate at high environmental temperatures so extended periods of hot weather (like what the Atherton Tablelands is currently experiencing during the summer months) can cause die-offs.

This can also happen with lemuroid and Herbert River ringtail possums. If you can, it would be great to do regular checks around your area, especially in the late afternoon or early morning (we don't want you to get heat-stressed while looking for possums).

If you see a dead possum, please record the following information:

  • Your name
  • Species of possum and number of possums
  • location (gps location if possible, otherwise as detailed a location as you can give)
  • condition of body (dying, freshly dead, bloated/decayed)
  • Gender of animal (male, female, unknown)
  • Additional information - description of habitat, other details about conditions at the time you found the carcass and location of the find

Please send this information to:

If it's a relatively fresh carcass and you are willing to place it in a plastic bag (keep it cool-NOT frozen) for a short time, please ring 0499-180-961. We'll arrange for the carcass to be collected and a post-mortem examination to be carried out (we may be able to learn something from the dead).