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tree kangaroos and tropical mammals

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Borrow Critter Cameras

Critter camTKMG members can apply to borrow trail cameras for backyard wildlife watch.

Other field equipment is also available.

(GPS, spotlights, cat traps).

Citizen Science

Contribute your observations and data to a current research project focussed on

Species extinction risk in the Australian Wet Tropics: Quantifying the effects of climate changeon species interactions.


Survey for koalas in Far North Queensland

Details to be posted soon.



SPECIAL PRESENTATION: 'Scratching beneath the surface with digging mammals' by Dr. Leonie Valentine will be given at 7:30pm on Thursday, 2 Feb 2023, Malanda Hotel Ballroom.

By quarrying for food or creating burrows, digging mammals (from tiny subterranean marsupial moles to robust hair-nosed wombats) move and rework soils via a process known as bioturbation. Digging mammals are often considered 'ecosystem engineers'. Although the digging activities of some mammals appear small at a local scale, they are surprisingly important to broader-scale landscape processes. These hard-working excavators may enhance many essential ecosystem functions through the mixing of soils. Their digging actions can increase water infiltration, alter nutrient concentrations and fungal diversity and improve seedling recruitment...all of which can influence vegetation and structure of landscape. We hope you will be able to join us for what promises to be a fascinating presentation. You can also use the opportunity to join or renew your membership and learn about some upcoming volunteer activities. Join us on Thurs 2nd February 7:30 pm at the Malanda Hotel.