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tree kangaroos and tropical mammals

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Borrow Critter Cameras

Critter camTKMG members can apply to borrow trail cameras for backyard wildlife watch.

Other field equipment is also available.

(GPS, spotlights, cat traps).

Citizen Science

Contribute your observations and data to a current research project focussed on

Species extinction risk in the Australian Wet Tropics: Quantifying the effects of climate changeon species interactions.


Yellow-bellied glider survey in Tumoulin Forest.

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Thursday 8th April 7:30pm at the Malanda Hotel.


'The Secret Life of Northern Bettongs'

A presentation by Olive Needham and Wise Lum at 7:30pm Thurs April 8th-Malanda Hotel Ballroom

Northern bettongs are one of the most endangered mammal species in Australia. Much about their behaviours are a mystery to us and there's only so much that can be observed from camera traps and other survey methods. Wildlife carers have a unique opportunity to understand animals in much more intimate details than the average naturalist. Here we look at some of the previously undocumented and wonderful behaviours (from seed caching to how bettongs gather nesting materials and mark their territories) observed in two Northern bettongs, 'Nortong' and 'Norrie' while they were in care.