Supporting projects and research to help protect
tree kangaroos and tropical mammals

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Borrow Critter Cameras

Critter camTKMG members can apply to borrow trail cameras for backyard wildlife watch.

Other field equipment is also available.

(GPS, spotlights, cat traps).

Citizen Science

Contribute your observations and data to a current research project focussed on

Species extinction risk in the Australian Wet Tropics: Quantifying the effects of climate changeon species interactions.


Yellow-bellied glider survey in Tumoulin Forest.

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Thurs 5th August 7:30pm at the Malanda Hotel.

Join us for a presentation by Tom Bruce on feral cat ecology in the Australian Wet Tropics. Feral cats are thought to be one of the biggest threats to native wildlife and are implicated in the decline of several species of endemic Australian mammals. There is limited understanding of biotic and abiotic drivers of feral cats in Australian tropical rainforests. Extensive camera-trap surveys in the Wet Tropics have been used to answer some questions around which environmental factors and species interactions could be important for predicting feral cat distribution and inform potential management and mitigation strategies.

JOIN US on THUR 5th August at 7:30pm to hear this important and interesting presentation.

Please observe all COVID restrictions and use Check-in Queensland when you arrive at the meeting. Hope to see you there!