Supporting projects and research to help protect
tree kangaroos and tropical mammals

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Borrow Critter Cameras

Critter camTKMG members can apply to borrow trail cameras for backyard wildlife watch.

Other field equipment is also available.

(GPS, spotlights, cat traps).

Citizen Science

Contribute your observations and data to a current research project focussed on

Species extinction risk in the Australian Wet Tropics: Quantifying the effects of climate changeon species interactions.


Yellow-bellied glider survey in Tumoulin Forest.

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SPECIAL PRESENTATION: 'North Australian savanna fauna are in trouble '' will be given by Dr. Noel Preece at 7:30pm on Thursday, 12 May, Malanda Hotel Ballroom.

When Europeans first occupied, over 180 species of mammals lived in the savannas of northern Australia. Now many of these mammals (and other vertebrates) are endangered. Six mammal species were recently added to the ~20 already listed as Endangered and ~10 species may go to extinction within the next 20 years.

Among causes of faunal declines are a warming climate, pest species, changed fire regimes, grazing by introduced herbivores, and diseases. Major gaps in monitoring greatly limit our knowledge of the status, trends and causes of these faunal declines. Work by both indigenous custodians, non-indigenous researchers and conservation managers to help species and ecosystems recover is being conducted but more support and incentives to recover species in decline is needed. A strategy to establish a network of monitoring sites, based on the pragmatic approach of prioritizing particular bioregions is proposed. Join us on THUR 12th May 7:30pm at the Malanda Hotel to hear this timely and important presentation.