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tree kangaroos and tropical mammals

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Borrow Critter Cameras

Critter camTKMG members can apply to borrow trail cameras for backyard wildlife watch.

Other field equipment is also available.

(GPS, spotlights, cat traps).

Citizen Science

Contribute your observations and data to a current research project focussed on

Species extinction risk in the Australian Wet Tropics: Quantifying the effects of climate changeon species interactions.


Survey for koalas in Far North Queensland

Contact Roger MARTIN by email at: to let us know you are interested in becoming a volunteer on this project.



'An amazing and endemic rainforest specialist of the Wet Tropics: the Spectacled Flying Fox' by Dr. Noel Preece

Noel Preece will speak to us on various aspects of the biology and ecology of the endangered Spectacled Flying Fox. A fruit and nectar eater, it is a species that is pivotal for regeneration, pollination, and seed distribution of rainforest, eucalypts and other trees as well as many flowering plants AND a keystone species in the maintenance and evolution of Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. The Spectacled Flying Fox is an easy target for politicians with the politically powerful fruit-growing industry regarding the species as a major pest, as well as concerns about their potential to transmit diseases. The population of Spectacled Flying Foxes has dropped catastrophically over the past 6 years, with unprecedented losses due to heat events as well as cyclones, habitat loss and persecution. We hope you will be able to join us for what promises to be a fascinating presentation. You can also use the opportunity to join or renew your membership and learn about some upcoming volunteer activities. Join us on Thurs 8th June 7:30 pm at the Big Pub-Malanda Hotel ballroom.