Koalas on the Tablelands

Have you seen a koala on the Tablelands? If you have, we'd like you to contact us.

Over the years koalas have occasionally been seen on the Atherton/Southern Tablelands. Just last year one was seen on Tumoulin Rd and a few years before that one was seen at 'Tropical Peat' beside the Kennedy Highway. These animals may have dispersd from drier eucalypt forests further west or be part of a small resident population on the Souther Tablelands.

I'm a wildlife biologist with more than 20 years experience working on koalas and am trying to resolve whether there is a resident population of koalas on the Tablelands. As it gets hotter and drier out west, such a population could be very important for the long-term survival of the species in Far North Queensland.

As a first step, we are trying to gather reports of sightings of koalas anywhere around the Atherton Tablelands region. It doesn't matter if it's recent or from years ago. All we need is a date (even an approximate date will do) , location and description of what you saw.

OR it could be what you have HEARD. Male koalas have a very distinctive bellow. It sounds vaguely like a braying donkey and is most commonly heard at night, particularly in the early breeding season (between July and September). It is a very low frequency sound and can be heard from a long distance away, particularly on a cold, still night. You may have heard it and not recognized what it was. If you go to YouTube koala you can find recordings and listen to koala bellowing vocalizations.

If you have seen or heard a koala, I would like to hear from you. Please ring Roger MARTIN on 0438-427-269 or email: tableland.koalas@gmail.com

thanks in advance