Walking the Landscape Workshops - Terrain NRM


Location: CSIRO Atherton 46-67 Maunds Rd

Residents of the Ithaca-Thiaki and Malanda Creek sub-catchment areas are invited to interactive workshops for a virtual 'walk' through the subcatchment to identify erosion hotspots, where water goes in high and low flows, geology, soil types, topography. This is for the new Johnstone Integrated Project which will repair high-priority erosion hot spots and improve high-risk areas. Dates: Mon 12 November--Ithaca-Thiaki Wed 14 November -- Malanda Creek Contact Evizel Seymour on 4095-7108 or send an email to: evizel.seymour@terrain.org.au for further information Note: You will need to RSVP, provide lot and plan numbers (workshop places are limited to residents of the Ithaca-Thiaki & Malanda Creek sub-catchments) and any dietary requirements