Yellow-bellied Glider survey


Location: Tumoulin Forest, north of Ravenshoe.

We are seeking volunteers to participate in a census of the Yellow-bellied Gliders in Tumoulin Forest, north of Ravenshoe.

Expression of Interest

We are seeking volunteers to participate in a census of the Yellow-bellied Gliders in Tumoulin Forest, north of Ravenshoe.


Sometime between 9-19 August 2018


Volunteers will be positioned at trees to count the number of gliders that visit the tree to lick sap from incisions they have made on the trunk. The counters will be in position from just before dusk and watch until 8:0pm.

How many nights?

The census may take two to three nights depending on the number of volunteer counters we get. Any one person does not have to participate on every night – just one is acceptable.

Your experience?

You do not have to have had previous experience in observing the gliders. We will have a training video of the gliders and their calls. Plus we can organise training sessions in the field.

As part of the Yellow-bellied Glider project volunteers have mapped the trees in Tumoulin Forest that the gliders tap for their sap.

The census, the first one for Tumoulin, is to obtain an estimate of the number of gliders that live in Tumoulin forest. It is now an isolated population because of forest clearing to the north and south of the area.

What to do?

At this stage just indicate that you might be interested in participating so that you can be added to a mailing list for further details. There is no obligation if you find that you do not want to, or are unable to be involved in July.

The census

The census will be conducted separately for the two main areas of glider occupation of Tumoulin Forest - Robinson Creek and Northern Sector – a single night for each area. We have estimated needing a minimum of 10 watchers for Robinson Creek and 20 for the Northern sector.

We will conduct one census during week nights and one during the weekend of 9-19 of August . This will cater for those who can come only on either a week or weekend night.

What we will need from you prior to the census is:

  • The evenings you are available,
  • whether you have had experience in glider or possum watching and
  • whether you are familiar enough with the gliders to be able to distinguish them from sugar gliders?

Do not worry if you lack experience because will provide a training video and conduct training nights prior to the census. You will need to let us know if you wish to undertake this training.

Look at the Training Video

On the census evening we will gather at a prearranged spot so you can be allocated to a glider sap-tree. Meet at 4:30 pm to allow time to move to your tree by 6pm - the gliders have started calling just after 6:15 pm. You will watch your tree until 8pm then relocate at an agreed place to give your observations to the coordinator, plus we can check that you have found your way out from your tree.

Tumoulin Forest is adjacent to Ravenshoe which is a 45 minute drive from Atherton via the Kennedy Highway, or a similar distance from Malanda via the Millaa Millaa road and East Evelyn.

For any queries contact:

John Winter, phone 4091 5289, or

Amanda Kaiwi